Publication: The Sydney Morning Herald

Prints Charming

Most multifunction centres connect straight to your PC via a USB cable, and if you’ve ever tried to share a printer over a network of different operating systems you know how tricky it can be. If you have a small office or home network it’s worth looking at models that connect to your router and let you install the software to access them on each system. … Continue readingPrints Charming


Take the term ‘bling’ and reverse it. Big and shiny is out, muted and understated is in. Bling’s ideologically masculine, aggressive stance is making way for unobtrusive, calm androgyny. No more high-top sneakers, diamantes on handbags or huge jacket slogans. … Continue readingBlang


Blaze is as easy to read as it is high in quality and, although King has left the ghouls and shapeshifters far behind, it will remind his fans why they’ve loved his work for four decades. … Continue readingBlaze


While it’s perfect for the sensual nature of poetry, it does nothing to advance a narrative. He obviously knows his way around the chemistry of 18th century perfume manufacture, but if you’re that keen, Wikipedia’s quicker. … Continue readingPerfume

State of Fear

Colourless caricatures rather than characters drift arbitrarily through the plot, giving you no indication who matters. Clumsily written action sequences could have come from a primary schooler. Humour is elbowed in where there’s no place for it, sobriety where it’s supposed to be an adventure. … Continue readingState of Fear