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If it’s not in science, tech, entertainment or books you’ll find it here. Unlike many of my salaried colleagues on a single beat, one of the pleasures of being a freelancer is that I can write about anything I like (as long as I can get an editor to agree to buy it).

And for someone for whom knowledge only prompts the thirst for more knowledge in more areas, it’s given me the chance to look at how hotdesking is a thing again, the forgotten history of Australia’s pulp fiction market, a couple of fearless South African photographers and their hair-raising images of Great White Sharks on the hunt and the longstanding theory that Batman/Bruce Wayne is obviously gay.

Is Batman Gay?

Popular characters are open to endless interpretation by the artists who create stories about them, and while there might well be a corporate ruling somewhere not to make Batman ‘too gay’, the power of art is that it can confound and subvert established modes of thought. … Continue readingIs Batman Gay?