Publication: Penthouse

Killer Career Move

We often get yelled at by hardcore fans for semi-automated things like the free running, which makes you look amazing but doesn’t ask too much of you. So we try to find a balance between letting new players win but it holds levels of achievement back for people who have the time to invest. … Continue readingKiller Career Move

Dangerous Living

In the old days, all we had was ourselves. We’ve gone out there and rolled cars, set ourselves alight and jumped off buildings. And we knew that if we didn’t have our arse covered we weren’t going to get through. … Continue readingDangerous Living

Security Trends

In taking up the smartphone in record numbers (the growth rate of our adoption in the Asia Pacific region is second only to Singapore), we’ve opened ourselves up to the hundreds of new vulnerabilities identified over the last two years, a number that will keep skyrocketing along with our love affair of mobiles and tablets. … Continue readingSecurity Trends

Wanted: The Aussie Larrikin

“The larrikin is never far away from the way Australians think about themselves,” says Macquarie’s Anthony Lambert. “You might also argue we’re so distant from such images – in the cities at least – we can laugh at them as lesser forms of ourselves. I have a feeling it’s a little of both.” … Continue readingWanted: The Aussie Larrikin

True Blue

The result was the Mature Media Group, a well known name among porn fans in the late 80s and early 90s, and Lark made over 20 films in Canberra with cheesy Australian themes, launching local starlets like Alice Springs and Kelly Blue. … Continue readingTrue Blue