The best movie logos

Star WarsHollywood is all about mythmaking, and that makes the designed matter that accompanies a movie as important as the trailer, the buzz and the post-weekend chatter about box office.

We’re not necessarily looking at the best logos to do with cinema in this story – with decades of iconic names in poster, logo and title treatment design that’d be too long a list. Instead, the best movie logos are the ones that capture and convey something about the movie, something that tells its own story elegantly and quickly, although they may not be up there with the best logos of all time.

To find the best ones we went to designers – some of whom have worked in movie logos themselves – and asked which ones they like and why they work. Below are their picks, in no particular order. If you’re into movie-making and want to have a go at creating your own, see our how to design a logo post.

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