Zoë Bell talks Raze

Zoë Bell talks RazeShe’s a stuntwoman, an actress and now a producer… Is there anything Zoë Bell can’t do?

After learning her considerable skillset on a few smaller jobs in her native New Zealand before doubling for Lucy Lawless on the cult TV show Xena: Warrior Princess, 35-year-old Bell’s life has been a Hollywood dream come true.

After an audition to be the stunt coordinator for Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, she’s now the cult auteur’s go-to stunt girl. In fact he liked her so much he not only had her do the stunts of his next film (Death Proof), he gave her a major role.

Hollywood took notice, and before we knew it Bell wasn’t just flipping over, falling off buildings and being kicked in the head, she was acting. The next logical step was to take her expertise and put it into her own project, and she was instrumental in shepherding exploitation-inspired Raze – about female prisoners fighting to the death – to screens. Drew Turney spoke to the all-round talent from Los Angeles and tried to keep up with her infectious, mile-a-minute pace.

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