Wix vs Squarespace: What is the Best Website Builder in 2021?

Wix SquarespaceWix or Squarespace? It’s the modern iteration of the 90s-era personal computing conundrum Mac vs PC. Commanding almost 60 percent of the cloud-based website building services, they’re the only game in town for many SME owners who consider HTML a foreign language. And like Mac vs PC or iPhone vs Android the answer isn’t blind ideology but your starting point and what you hope to achieve.

Overview of Wix

Launched in 2006, Wix is an unstructured visual editor, that lets you place any element anywhere on any page like you might in a product catalogue. This setup offers website builders a lot of flexibility in how their pages look, but as we’ll see below, that can be both a good or bad thing.

Overview of Squarespace

Predating Wix by three years, Squarespace was an effort to democratize fine design, making it available to anyone rather than the luxury item it had been in website development. Squarespace websites are more constrained by page layout principles than most other editors, and while that sounds restrictive, it can be a blessing. Its designs suit businesses who want to appear classically refined – think boutiques or artisanal foodstuffs.

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