Where Can You Go Next After Windows XP?

WindowsYou need to get ready now for the post-Windows XP world. Drew Turney looks at the options.

On the surface, it seems that Windows 7 or 8 are the obvious choices to replace XP systems simply because of the technologies, behaviour, and application compatibility you’ll carry forward, but there’s more to consider about other systems and your own needs.


First of all, if you use Windows, you’ll always be a target of malware – one day Windows 7 and 8, along with Android and Mac OS X, will be similarly targeted because malware creators are looking for the best return on their investment, just like you are.

Second of all, the end of Windows XP support doesn’t mean your computer will explode. But if any new bugs for XP come out after April 2014, you’re on your own. According to a report by the Information Systems Security Associations, 38 percent of computers still use Windows XP.

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