When We’ll Talk to Computers (and They’ll Talk To Us)

Artificial IntelligenceThe future looks rosy for one of the most user-friendly fields of AI.

With the spread of online customer service chatbots, and Apple, Amazon, and Google’s voice services, we’re getting used to conversational AI: software that understands us, talks back, and solves our problems. But where can the field go from here, and what else can it do?

When it comes to resources, the sky’s the limit. As most of the components of conversational AI live and work in the cloud, they have ever-increasing datasets and processing to draw on, and that will mean more responsive results that can act in more expanded fields of enquiry.

And as the backend grows to comprise more information that can help AI learn, the interface at the user end – often as simple as a chat window or spoken command – need give no indication of the massive amount of parallel processing going on behind the scenes to put an answer together.

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