What happened to Quark? How XPress lost the battle to InDesign

Quark XpressOur culture is full of iconic struggles between mismatched foes who fought bravely for supremacy through incredible odds. Along with David vs Goliath, the RAF vs the Luftwaffe and the Jedi vs the Sith, Quark and Adobe spent years battling it out for the hearts and minds of the electronic page layout market.

Both XPress and InDesign are still around today, albeit looking vastly different than they did back then. And while their markets are vaguely similar, and we list Quark as one of our favourite InDesign alternatives, they don’t share much direct turf anymore, making it even harder to believe the life and death struggle they were once locked in, a story of changing fortunes as gripping as any historical epic.

Here, we look back at the battle between Quark and InDesign…

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