Vera Farmiga & Patrick Wilson talk The Conjuring 2

Conjuring 2

Currently blazing hot and bright on TV in Bates’ Motel, Vera Farmiga returns to the role of real life paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren, famous during the 1970s for some of the highest profile supernatural cases in the world.

Joining her again as husband Ed is Patrick Wilson in The Conjuring 2, which tells the story of the pair travelling to London to investigate the real life case of the Enfield Poltergeist. The pair talked about playing real people and things that go bump in the night with in Los Angeles.

As actors how easy does it make it to come back and play characters you’ve already played together?

Vera: It makes it much easier.

Patrick: It’s fun. We have fun. We’re like an old shoe.

Vera: Patrick Wilson is just like an old boot.

You’ve also both been very good in more traditional drama. Is a genre piece like The Conjuring 2 more fun?

Vera: I think we treated it as a traditional drama. It is. It’s a story about a family in peril.

Patrick: Yeah. You start from a realistic place, which is really of course the only place to start, and you know the material is going to be able to support the tender and light moments.

We had a few of those in the first one and we have I think even more in this one. There’s a romantic scene, us in the bedroom in two beds. That gives you sort of a springboard to get into the surreal because you’re following people that you trust, that you know and care about.

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