Unique Celebrity Workouts

WorkoutThey know what’s trendy and on the radar, they’re always ahead of the curve, and if need be, money is no object. Best of all, just look at the results. Take a leaf out of the books of these celebrity fitness enthusiasts and you might put yourself on the fast track to an A list body.

Vibrating squats

National Basketball league star LeBron James is said to swear by push-ups and pull-ups and riding a bicycle, but his weirdest regimen – doing squats on a vibrating platform – might not be as crazy as it sounds. Some scientists say it can actually boost strength in muscles because low level frequencies can prompt the central nervous system to activate muscle cells.


Imagine standing in a club, only a lot more regimented (and no club). Energetic dancing has long been known as great exercise, and this European movement combines the passions of hip-hop, Reggae, Brazilian and Latin styles. US TV presenter Mario Lopez is a dedicated proponent, who says ‘[creator] Tatiana Tamai got our fans MOVIN’! … and I am Booiaka.’

Yoga Tune Up

It’s not very easy to figure out what makes this different from everyday yoga – it seems to be single Yoga movies executed piecemeal depending on what part of your body needs it. It promises ‘lasting structural change’ (which sounds more like remodeling a shopping centre), but surely Ellen Degeneres, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Ryan Seacrest can’t be wrong.


Proving the oldies are still the best, rhythmic swaying of the hips is a great way to stay supple. It’s a new take on an old activity with an all new philosophy of movement involved. Olivia Wilde included the product in her short film Free Hugs and Marisa Tomei is such a devotee she has an instructional DVD.

The Bar Method

No doubt given a kudos boost by Black Swan, The Bar Method is a series of techniques centred around a ballet barre that combines interval training, isometric muscle shaping and dance to work on different areas in different ways. It was namechecked by actress Eliza Dushku, who gushed on Twitter that she loves ‘Bikram Yoga, Bar Method, flow/power yoga, hiking, skipping, weights… u just gotta mix it up & BE CONSISTENT, mama’


The ultimate inches-shifting technology for the exercise-averse (as long as you don’t mind looking like yesterday’s leftovers). Minerals and other treatments in specially designed sheets of plastic wrap are applied to the body and promise a loss of 20 inches around your entire body – immediately. Another Ellen favourite, the TV show host said ‘you look a little crazy, but it really does work…I promise you.’ Kris Jenner and Tyra Banks are also fans.

Stand Up Paddle

It’s not quite surfing and it’s not quite kayaking, it’s both. It’s also not new, being a traditional Hawaiian water sport. It’s ideal for cross-training, working almost every muscle you’ve got for core strength and balance. Jennifer Aniston has been snapped with Courtney Cox in Hawaii putting her best foot forward and Jennifer Garner, Owen Wilson, Matthew McConaughey, Cindy Crawford, Rihanna and Denise Richards are also said to be fans.

One Legged Squats

A one legged squat sounds as easy as Demi Moore’s famous one-handed push-ups in the late 90s, but if it works for Jessica Biel, it’s worth looking into for the balance, co-ordination and flexibility it’s supposed to offer. Challenged by a fan on Twitter who asked Biel to admit she had ‘butt cheek implants’, the star replied ‘squats, squats, more squats, one legged squats, jumping squats, scissor jump squats…oh yeah and some squats’.


‘Fat torching and muscle sculpting’, piloxing is the combination of Pilates and boxing, two workout regimes that seem completely unlike each other at first glance. Blending the power, speed and agility of boxing with the sculpting and flexibility of Pilates, it has a coterie of celebrity endorsements including Hilary Duff, who said ‘After training with [trainer] Viveca I feel physically strong and mentally empowered’.