Tom Six on The Human Centipede 3: Final Sequence

Human Centipede 3How do you get such sick movies made in this day and age?

We don’t compromise, we don’t take shit from anybody, we just make what we want to make.

What’s so sad is a lot of art and films are made in fear. They want to please audiences and please distributors and then you get a mediocre product and we don’t care for that shit.

We have to be like heavyweight boxers because we have to fight censors, distributors, you have to fight everybody to get here.

I wouldn’t want it any other way. I want to live my life like a comet that hits the earth in a blast and leaves a lot of colours in a futile grey world.

The first film exists in the world of the second film and the first two exist in the world of the third. Why do that instead of just make direct sequels?

In the third film, all three films make a human movie centipede, they can be literally connected to form one four and a half hour movie.

I wanted to make three films that were completely different. I see a lot of sequels and they’re almost the same films and way more boring or unoriginal. I always intended for my three films to need three completely different stories.

I wanted very much to bring the actors back, like Dieter Laser, who plays a completely different character in part three. So does Laurence who plays Martin [from part two], a mute, mentally unstable man, now he’s back as this very intelligent guy.

Obviously you found people happy to be a part of it.

I’m especially grateful to my fellow warriors, the other actors. They have balls the size of mammoths. You can imagine, my mind is so disturbing so many sissy actors beg out because they want to think about their careers and they make shit that nobody remembers and people will remember this for 150 years, people will still talk about it. Secretly they’re all jealous about it.

Each film also has a pretty different tone, talk about this one?

We wanted to go out with a big bang, so we wanted to shoot it in America XXL style. Everything is big, from the locations to the centipede. We go out with a very heavy ending. The bad guy wins, I can already say that. A lot of the films the good guy wins and I hate that. I love it when the bad guy wins.

Why do you hate happy endings?

Normally in life you don’t have happy endings, only in Amsterdam massage parlours, but in real life everything ends in ruin and we all turn to dust.

What’s the political point here?

In the beginning my idea was to make a film about punishment. In part one I used the horror cliché of using innocent victims, but now I wanted to come back to my original idea, which was punishment.

I really think punishment isn’t good enough so maybe this will give governments ideas, I hope so.

Who do you hope to reach with the political message?

I don’t really care about politics but I like it if all kinds of people react to my films. I hope this film reaches so many people at so many levels and they all react a different way. Maybe President Obama can laugh at this film and maybe ISIS people in the Middle East get very scared in case the Americans get ideas from it.

You got death threats because of the first two films. Does that still happen and does it worry you?

Strangely enough I get a lot of praise. Either you like it and like me or absolutely hate those films and detest me.

So we get a lot of emails from people who want to cut me open or shoot me. It’s insane but it’s all marketing. Hopefully it doesn’t happen.

Are you just a sicko?

All my thoughts are pretty macabre. As a boy I laughed at all the black sides of humanity. I think the human race is pretty fucked up. But I think I need to use a magnifying glass and I want to show that to people.

Any scenes that were too crazy to make it?

Everything is in there. I never censor myself and anything that comes to mind that’s useful, I put in. I never think about censors or reactions from people, the job of an artist is to never be afraid of what an audience might think. That’s stupid. Artists should go all the way.

Has anyone ever showed you what a real human centipede ass to mouth operation looks like?

No but if somebody wants to show me for real I’m there. It would be great marketing.

What’s next?

I keep exploring the dark side so I’m working on a couple of projects. They’re all pitch black comedies with a lot of horror elements.

We’re working on a film now called The Onania Club. It’s going to be pretty disturbing and the hook is very special, it’s very original like The Human Centipede. I’m sure the whole world will talk about it.

How is it going to be different from The Human Centipede films?

My goal each time is to create something new and fresh, not something that’s out there already, that’s boring and a waste of my time.

So many films look alike, they don’t have originality. If you make something or write something and it resembles anything else, just throw it away. Even if it takes longer, make sure you make something new because then the world will notice it.

If we see another crazy guy running around with a chainsaw, it’s been done before, and most of the time better.

Is auditioning always pretty freaky for your movies?

We did the auditions for part two and I saw a picture of Laurence Harvey [Martin, THC2’s villain] at a casting agency. We saw a lot of guys and we were disappointed because we weren’t finding the right one.

Laurence came in and I was immediately struck by his presence. What I want of my actors is that they’re fearless, if you want to work with my ideas you have to be.

So I told him about raping the girl in the centipede and he gestured to a chair and then made wild love to it, then I knew I had my man.

What kind of director are you?

A lot of directors yell and scream. If you want people to be in a human centipede film you have to be charming and sweet. If you’re an arsehole people won’t work for you.