Thermal Camouflage Moves One Step Nearer

PredatorScientists from Turkey, the US and the UK have developed a material that might provide the first practical thermal camouflage.

Coskun Kocabas and his team from Bilkent University in Turkey, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of Manchester reveal their research in the journal Nano Letters.

Thermal camouflage might be the last word in tactical concealment. You’ve seen it in a hundred military thrillers and action movies – the tense chase or battle scene shown entirely in the distinct green night-time vision of infrared goggles.

Sometimes the same effect is achieved with something more like the product of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) – all cool blues and greens, with globs of dramatic yellows and reds to show the enemy just waiting to step into your crosshairs.

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