The Age of the Hybrid Cloud is Upon Us

Cloud ComputingBoth public and private clouds have their benefits, so which one should you choose? Given the way the industry is evolving, you won’t have to. By Drew Turney.

A little over a year ago, research firm Gartner reported that hybrid cloud deployments were rare, but that nearly 75 percent of large enterprises were expected to have them by 2015.

2014 seems to have proven it right. Firstly, cloud budgets are growing — 69 percent of respondents in a Dimensional Research study sponsored by Equinix expect a larger budget in 2015 for cloud services, and 91 percent of respondents said they’ll deploy a cloud of some form in the next 12 months, with 85 percent planning to deploy more than one.

It also seems like the initial hype cycle is over, too, with C-level execs understanding the business case rather than simply being terrified that they’re missing out on the next big thing. A report from managed services provider Avanade said that 73 percent agree that adopting a hybrid cloud solution will give them an edge over competitors, with 75 percent agreeing that a hybrid cloud strategy should be one of their main priorities next year.

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