Surely You Can’t be Serious

Surely You Can't Be SeriousEvolving from a 2015 online oral history of the 1980 classic Airplane! (released in several territories, including Australia, as Flying High!), this book contains everything you ever wanted to know not just about the making of the film and its legacy but the entire history of the three iconic comedy writer/directors behind it.

Abrahams and the Zucker Brothers are joined by the studio executives, producers, crew members and cast who were all involved, the book divided into rough chapters about each aspect of their history and the movie, and each paragraph a direct quote by the respective interviewee.

After staging a comedy show in their native American midwest hometown, the trio decided to try their luck in Los Angeles, opening another version of their live sketch show at a venue (The Kentucky Fried Theatre) that’s now become iconic in industry history.

It led to their first produced script (1977’s The Kentucky Fried Movie), and paved the way for their immortal 1980 satire on self important, melodramatic airline disaster movies of the 1970s, a movie that changed screen comedy forever – as plenty of quotes by modern day comedians and comic writers/actors attest.

It’s a rags to riches success story of the type we love about Hollywood, and even though you’ll know a lot of the lore behind the production if you’re a diehard fan, it’s still great fun to revisit it. If nothing else, the captions that accompany stills from the movie (‘looks like I picked the wrong week to stop smoking’) will make you laugh all over again.