Sharing the Journey With Your Customers

OfficeProvide a product or customer experience people love and they can become an effective marketing asset – talking about your brand and referring you to their friends and followers, both online and off.

You might not have heard of the one per cent rule, which says that one per cent of internet users create content while everyone else just watches.

But if you engage with that vocal minority who talk about your business on social media, forums and blogs so that it expands, more customers may become advocates for your brand rather than just passively watching. And the more people talking about your brand will mean awareness about your products or activities will only spread further.

In the same way, Andre Agassi thrived on the support of his audience, particularly on the court. Where many players made tennis look easy, his approach was more akin to ‘problem solving’; putting puzzle pieces together one at a time. He says his fans could see his struggle to make it work – and that put them on the road to victory with him.

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