Sarita Stella

Sarita StellaHard to believe, but this beautiful ex-Price is Right girl is happier as a businesswoman than in front of the camera. Drew Turney finds out more.

Sarita Stella laughs out loud when Black+White asks her what it’s like being a sex symbol. “You’re asking the wrong person!” she assures us, “I don’t think of myself as a sex symbol at all. I’m just a dork. Anybody who knows me will agree. Obviously when I’ve got beautiful makeup on and my hair’s looking good I feel sexy but that’s definitely not a word I’d use to describe myself.”

Crushed, we suggest that even aside from the hair and makeup, there’s got to be some quality underneath that separates models from the rest of us. “[Modelling] involves so much acting,” Stella explains, “you have to act like you’re sexy when you’re in front of the camera and I’m just not that person at all so I’m a very good actress.”

The former Price is Right girl and partner to AFL and Dancing with the Stars personality Brodie Holland is doing the interview in her car over her mobile late one afternoon, rushing from one gig to the next. Black+White asks her if it’s the state of her life right now. “My life’s crazy at the moment,” she confirms, “I’ve got my own business [Model Behaviour] and I’m fashion ambassador for the Moonee Valley Festival this year. I said to my agency recently I want some of the other stuff to die off, and as soon as I said that they’ve given me about two jobs a day. I’ve been starting at 6 or 8am and not getting home until 7 at night because I’ve got so many things on.”

Judging by these shots, it’s no wonder. Ironically, the future Mrs Holland has no such desire to be a pretty face, wanting instead to bow out gracefully. She’s more interested in her baby – modelling/confidence course provider Model Behaviour, the business she runs with friend and former Price is Right co-model Danielle Atkin.

“If you’d asked me a year ago if I wanted to act I’d have said yes, totally,” Stella says. “But I’ve completely changed my mind after seeing what the industry’s like, what the media’s like. It’s just not me. I’m happy to leave Brodie to be the celebrity. I don’t take life too seriously and I’ve had a few goes at that in commercials and things, but it’s just not what I’m passionate about. I’m not one of those girls who’d love to be on Getaway like everybody else. Model Behaviour has been the best thing I’ve ever done, just seeing girls grow.”

So acting’s out, but with former clients still getting in touch (‘I’ve got quite a few teenage friends now’) to ask her advice about everything from boys to agencies, and their Mums telling her how much their confidence has improved, Stella might just be the most glamourous guidance counsellor you’ve ever seen.