Robo Challenge Marries Art and Engineering to Build Best-in-Class Bots

Robo Challenge

A lot of kids play with robots, and it’s clear that robots bring out the kid in many grownups. What else could explain the success of the Transformers movie franchise, the fascination with the Mars rover, or the popularity of TV shows like Battlebots in the United States or Robot Wars in the UK?

Adding to the robot mystique is the jealous truth that only a lucky few get to make robots for a living. But for Birmingham, UK-based Robo Challenge, it’s a family affair: Brothers James and Grant Cooper and their father are making all kinds of robots – while commanding lots of attention with their work.

Most robotics designers will study (and practice) in fields like exploration, medicine, or manufacturing, where function is the only requirement. Robo Challenge, however, has a unique position as a creative engineering consultancy.

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