Rob Corddry talks Hell Baby

Rob CorddryOne thing you can be sure of about Rob Corddry no matter what film he’s in – he’s a funny guy. The 42 year old started out as a writer for Jon Stewart, and since then his unconventional looks and machine-gun patter have let Corddry spread his wings in very different projects.

At one end of the scale are movies like In a World and The Way Way Back, indie dramas know for being as bittersweet as they are comic. Then there’s Hell Baby, a Scary Movie-esque pistache of demon possession tropes you’d think had come from a script meeting over beer and pizza (choice line? ‘You had me at perky boobs’… spoken by a Catholic priest).

Described as ‘Rosemary’s Baby if it were a comedy’ and coming from the brains trust behind Reno 911!, we’ll let you be the judge. But there’s no denying it gives Corddry the chance to do something from a different end of the comedy spectrum.

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