Ready, Fight! Team Bronco Takes on a New Season of BattleBots


Ask any kid what’s cool. The answer will be anything from sharks and Darth Vader to dinosaurs and LEGO, but ‘fighting robots’ will inevitably come up, too. You’ve seen them in the movies, but real robots that fight in a real arena are magnitudes of order cooler – as the BattleBots Season 2 audience can attest.

Ushering in some of that cool are Alexander Rose and Reason Bradley, the brain trust behind Inertia Labs. Their brutal-looking creation, Bronco, is one of this year’s competitors on the mechanical-gladiator stage.

Looking like a cross between a tank and a machine press that’s been possessed by an evil spirit, Bronco is a flipper: It jabs a pneumatic arm the length of its entire body underneath its prey and viciously flips the enemy high into the air, inflicting damage through the impact of a long drop.

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