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Brendan Cowell

“I think their sense of humour and their ingenuity is what kept them alive,” Cowell says. “So I guess that’s what we were doing as well, just keeping each other buoyed and above the water and sane. Any moment you have that’s free of tragedy, pain and death, you’ll take it. We were kind of doing the same thing.” … Continue readingBrendan Cowell


That’s all changing as Hollywood attempts to court the YouTube generation, viewers who speak the a single camera and a single point of view. Cloverfield made a loud splash despite dismissive tags like Blairzilla, and [Rec] has hardly hit cinemas as the US remake faithfully brings up the rear. … Continue reading[Rec]

F for Fake

The film rambles off topic and uses everything from the staged conversations of a stageplay to the existing clips of a news broadcast to deliver Welle’s thesis; that when it comes to art, you can’t trust anybody — not even him for telling you what he knows … Continue readingF for Fake

Michael Clayton

Subsequent viewings will reveal more of the deep facets of plotting but it’s one of those rare movies where — even as you try to keep up — you know you’re watching something very special. … Continue readingMichael Clayton


Cloverfield gets almost everything right. It follows the Jaws template of giving us tantalising glimpses of the beast before several full frontal shots that show us more than enough. … Continue readingCloverfield