Best Dream Sequences

Movies are the natural home of dream sequences. What else are movies themselves but the dreams of artists made real? And using everything from actors to animatronics, CGI to miniatures, directors can put anything they can imagine in front of you, just like your own mind can in a dream regardless of physics, the passage of time, visual and emotional content or logic. … Continue readingBest Dream Sequences

Coolest Movie Weapons

Nowhere else but in the movies can we indulge our love of tools of destruction. The sci-fi, action and adventure genres are replete with examples of the wackiest technology that writers, directors and production designers can think up no matter how unwieldy, impractical or physically impossible. … Continue readingCoolest Movie Weapons

Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis

It is a way to be political. Humour is such a good avenue to take politics on. Even more so than if it were a serious political movie, then it could kind of be accused of trying to tip the scales a little bit. But comedy is a good bullshit detector and I think that’s advantageous to this subject matter. Advantageous is word I looked up earlier today just to sound good. … Continue readingWill Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis

Rick Baker

If you like horror or sci-fi movies, the email was like unwrapping a Wonka chocolate to find you’ve got one of the golden tickets. ‘…upcoming Special Effects Junket for Men In Black 3 with Special Effects Make-up Artist Rick Baker…’ … Continue readingRick Baker