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Heading for Nowhere

While T shirts with logos, designs and characters from Star Wars, Hello Kitty, The Avengers and all the other giant comic/toy/movie/blockbuster brands are a dime a dozen, who the heck are Lao Che Air Freight, Frog Comics Santa Carla, Camp Crystal Lake, Tyrell Corp, Plainview and Son Oil Corp, Abe Froman and The Paper Street Soap Company? … Continue readingHeading for Nowhere

Ernest Cline talks Ready Player One

Writing a book is like getting to direct a movie on paper. You get to do all the special effects, cast all the roles, dress all the sets and do it all yourself with no limitations. It’s really freeing for a writer. Screenwriting is much more restrictive if you actually plan to produce the screenplay. I love getting to make movies, but books will always be my first love. … Continue readingErnest Cline talks Ready Player One

Screenwriter Zak Penn talks Ready Player One

When I first saw the movie I caught a glimpse in the race scene of a marquee that says, ‘Jack Slater in …’, a Last Action Hero reference [Schwarzenegger’s character in the film] that I had no idea about. I don’t think Steven did either. I saw the finished movie and I couldn’t believe they got it past because I’d seen every shot, so I just never caught it. … Continue readingScreenwriter Zak Penn talks Ready Player One