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Time for Jai

The 30 year old who shakes your hand warmly is nothing like a ‘throwback’, as Australians have snobbishly been described in a recent profile on his Suicide Squad co-star Margot Robbie. Courtney has the air of someone who belongs. He’s urbane, focused and – when he starts to talk – still unmistakably Australian. … Continue readingTime for Jai

Route With a View

Model, graphic designer and mountain biker Gudex fronts the Cape to Cape event thanks to her highly regarded profile in the sport and her winsome curves (which have graced the pages of magazines across the country), both of which helped make the ride bearable. … Continue readingRoute With a View


The American frontier myth of tough, pragmatic action, heroism, sacrifice and accomplishment is all-pervasive thanks to the myriad global media that emerges from the American self-image, and the net result is our adoption of everything from their work ethic to their trade policies. … Continue readingEnough

Australian Pulp

Then, it all stopped virtually overnight. The import restrictions were lifted in 1959 and American pulp magazines and comics flooded the country again, falling out of fashion altogether soon after as TV conquered middle Australia. And with a dire shortage of company records, very little original artwork or text remains. … Continue readingAustralian Pulp

Forward to the Past

It’s the first ever commercial handheld phone, costing USD$4,000 in 1983, taking 10 hours to charge and with enough memory for — count ’em — 30 phone numbers. Technology that barely replaces a scrap of paper, weighs a hundred times more and costs a fortune? Now that’s cool… … Continue readingForward to the Past

Don Simpson

Simpson himself said it best; ‘Anything worth doing is worth overdoing. It’s not enough until it’s too much. Because how do you know it’s enough until it’s too much? That’s the only way to find out.’ … Continue readingDon Simpson