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E’nfant Terrible

But what’s great about these kind of jobs from an acting perspective is that you don’t have to do too much for the character because it’s his actions that define him. So the fun is all the other stuff in between — trying to find other angles to look at instead of falling into those clich√©s. … Continue readingE’nfant Terrible

Fans on a Plane

Movie buffs hanging around in online forums got so excited at the possibilities, New Line pulled director David R Ellis and star Samuel L Jackson back in to beef up the thrills, language and violence. … Continue readingFans on a Plane

Too Soon?

Coverage of September 11 would undoubtedly have set new records in editorial volume, but have you read anywhere that the now 15-year-old bombing in Iraq has resulted in the destruction of ruins and artifacts from the Mesopotamian era — the rise of human civilisation? … Continue readingToo Soon?

Superman Returns

Superheroes protecting the American way were the cultural face of America’s military supremacy throughout the world, and all that power and righteousness couldn’t stop 19 fanatics with Stanley knives. … Continue readingSuperman Returns

Oh Woman

The net result is an endless string of women in starring roles (usually of the midyear action/comedy blockbuster variety) who not only extol the virtues of the atypical gal who can look after herself but claim to be the embodiment of them. … Continue readingOh Woman