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Apple Logic Studio

But as the first two headings illustrate, it’s for you whether you make music by sitting on a stool with real instruments or entirely using a keyboard (the qwerty kind). It contains Logic pro 9, Mainstage 2, Soundtrack Pro 3 and a host of production and effects tools. … Continue readingApple Logic Studio

HTC Touch Pro 2

It’s also not the first phone to slide open and reveal a keyboard, but the keys are perfectly spaced and Desktop found itself in the unique position of being just as happy tapping out an SMS with the Stylus as typing it on the keyboard. When extended, the screen also folds towards you, turning the device into a tiny laptop, but it tended to obscure the top edge of the keypad so it was better left flat. … Continue readingHTC Touch Pro 2

Final Cut Studio 3

There’s now a large floating Timecode window that you can move around and resize. It seems like it should have been included long ago, especially as it’s so easy to port your editing to a large (up to and including cinema-sized) screen for everyone rather than just the editor to watch as you work. … Continue readingFinal Cut Studio 3

Can’t Stop the Music

As the basis of a popular Internet comic strip about the perils of using copyrighted material in your project, the nightmarish scenario above might not be completely true. But the twin morals are clear; music is expensive, and music industry lawyers have very deep pockets. … Continue readingCan’t Stop the Music


But a much easier method is to simply access the remote drive. It should show up on your desktop as a network folder by default — if not, just tell the client software to connect to it. It lets you navigate to any folder and simply drag and drop like you would any other file. The further advantage of the network disk is that you can upload anything else to it manually for safekeeping. … Continue readingJungleDisk

Especially For You

The public might hate such 1984-like practices but consumer profiling’s a gold mine to marketers. VDP is just one of a myriad of technologies that leverage the power of such targeted knowledge because marketing material can be tailored personally for your interests, past buying habits and other demographic information. … Continue readingEspecially For You

Toast Titanium 10

Another new feature promised was the extraction of short clips from any DVD-Video disc but whether it was a copy protection issue on the discs Desktop tried, we had trouble getting it to work. If you’re a camcorder user, Toast also now comes with the ability to extract and archive AVCHD formatted footage straight from your device. … Continue readingToast Titanium 10

Windows 7

Even more important however was reinstalling the software that had been on the system before. Most installed using Vista drivers with no trouble. A few niggles and trip-ups were solved in the Device Manager by updating or reinstalling drivers from the .inf files on install CDs. So far, we haven’t come across a single program, driver or update we’ve been unable to install. … Continue readingWindows 7

When Design Comes to Life

“Of course, I can’t even enter into this conversation without mentioning the iPhone,” says Doug Maloney, head of products and services at 3 mobile. “What a real change that has introduced to the market, even just in understanding what the word ‘applications’ means or the idea that you can put an application on your mobile phone.” … Continue readingWhen Design Comes to Life