Publication: Curve

Global is the New Local

But while concentrating rule might be bad for civics it’s good for business, which benefits from smoother, more efficient operating systems. That was the rationale behind the Multinational Agreement on Investment (MIA), stonewalled by France in 1998 after leaked drafts stoked fears about deregulation gone mad. … Continue readingGlobal is the New Local

The Web 2.0

You might have heard it called the democratisation of the web, a brave new world of information or the geek-friendly term, Web 2.0. What they all essentially describe is that in this new world, the audience is the producer. … Continue readingThe Web 2.0

Child’s Play

Try telling your daughter she’s not leaving the house dressed like that and see how successful you are — she’ll stuff the outfit in her bag and change when she gets there. … Continue readingChild’s Play