Publication: Cosmos

Perfect Motion

More than just letting us stand on hind legs and move around the environment, the book draws on various neuroscientific principles to argue that walking is inextricably linked to several of aspects of the human condition that have made us who we are, like creativity. … Continue readingPerfect Motion

Never Enough

Disarmingly open about her own history of addiction, Never Enough is full of stories about Grisel’s decade or addiction, risky behaviour and wasted years. Tales of her first drink at 13, or feeling nothing at a beloved grandfather’s funeral because she was hopped up on Quaaludes are heart-wrenching. … Continue readingNever Enough

Jared Diamond Writes About Upheaval, But is ‘Cautiously Optimistic’

I’ve gotten huge amounts of support from academics. There’s a small fringe of academics who dislike things I write and who are personally jealous that someone whose training was in gall-bladder physiology comes and writes about history in Australia. But if you’re going to be an author writing for the public you’ve got to develop a thick skin. … Continue readingJared Diamond Writes About Upheaval, But is ‘Cautiously Optimistic’

Das Uncrewed Boot

So far the attention – and controversy over the dehumanisation of war – has been on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) rather than seagoing craft, but with the Orca we’re entering the age of the XLUUV, the Extra-Large Unmanned Underwater Vehicle. … Continue readingDas Uncrewed Boot

The Breakthrough

You might take any research related to cancer that uses superlatives (Breakthrough! Revolution!) with a huge pinch of salt. We’ve seen evening news soundbites cherry picking very inexact research for maximum impact for decades, all while just as many friends, colleagues and family members die of cancer as ever. … Continue readingThe Breakthrough