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On Demand

The key is quality. Most digitally printed books were presented on cheap paper with amateurish graphics that simply couldn’t compete with those from an experienced publisher. Today you can put a digital book beside a traditionally printed one and be hard pressed to see the difference. … Continue readingOn Demand

Arabian Plights Q&A

The Israeli-American relationship is a good deal more complex than the notion of a Jewish nation as a client state of the US. At the height of the Cold War, with key Arab states vulnerable to Soviet influence, there was obvious appeal for America in seeing Israel as a US ‘aircraft carrier’ on a mostly Soviet sea. … Continue readingArabian Plights Q&A

Building Your Website

There’s also been a shift away from dedicated HTML knowledge with the rise of the producer/consumer. A new blog is published every 8 seconds, and the reason is simple; it’s ridiculously easy. Essentially a web page to which you make regular updates, there are a million free blog services. … Continue readingBuilding Your Website

The Naked Author

We evolved as a tribal animal living in small groups, so we’re not really suited to big cities. The solution is to ensure cities still provide the feeling of belonging to a small tribe within the super-tribe — friends, colleagues or family. … Continue readingThe Naked Author