Please don’t wear the Apple Vision Pro while driving, study urges

Apple VR Pro usersScientists have tested what life is like when using mixed reality goggles, and the technology’s effects on a wearer. Turns out, even state-of-the-art headsets can cause some considerable issues.

Mixed reality could soon become mainstream following the release of Apple’s Vision Pro this year, alongside existing tech such as Meta’s Quest 3. These devices have a “passthrough” mode that shows wearers real-time video footage captured by front-facing cameras and augmented with a digital interface. It incorporates both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) — essentially mixing the digital and physical worlds.

Since Apple’s Vision Pro launched, footage has emerged showing people walking around town or even driving while wearing the VR headset. It has led Apple to officially warn people against using it while operating vehicles, according to the company’s user guide.

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