Phone Security: How Safe are Your Selfies?

MalwareWith even hyper-secure mobiles exposed as hackable, is simple good sense the best bet for protecting your data.

If you ask the experts, the outlook is usually the same: we need more mobile phone security. Unfortunately, not many of us seem to care. Last year security provider Symantec found that out of 1000 under-35s polled, 28 per cent share online virtually everything that happens in their day-to-day life. A third think removing information posted online is “easy”, and 49 per cent have low privacy setting on social media accounts.

Yet it can be a hop, step and jump for a hacker to take control of your phone from a single poorly made or mishandled app, putting the operating system, call or text features, camera and microphone at their command. Connecting a compromised handset to a network through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth can then put other devices and networks at risk.

But to convince us to think more about security, phone manufacturers of the world have considerable hurdles. The first is that in the face of sexier features like hi-res cameras and beautifully clear screens it’s often a low purchasing priority.

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