Pass The Parcel: How To Integrate Postage Services Into Your Website

EmailIncorporating automatic postage calculators into your online store might be the critical step you need to turn casual browsers into dedicated shoppers.

If you’ve ever shopped online – and who hasn’t – you’ve probably experienced the disappointment that comes from finding a fantastic bargain, only to be shocked by high or confusing postage and handling fees when checking out. Not everyone wants that cheap paperback to be sent by overnight courier.

Worse still, you can still occasionally stumble across an e-commerce site that doesn’t reveal the postage costs even when checking out. You might not know how much the full transaction will be until the retailer sends a confirmation email of your order with the final shipping calculations added. To the customer, the instant gratification of the purchase is lost, often prompting them to go elsewhere.

Shopping cart abandonment is a major challenge for any online retailer. In fact, Baymard Institute reviewed 37 different studies, concluding that the average abandonment rate is as high as 69.23 per cent.

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