One of the Good Guys

One of the Good GuysOne of the Good Guys is a lesson in two things; perspectives, and how even monsters are human. The story introduces us to Cole, a man who’s moved to the remote UK coast to get over a painful breakup that we immediately feel for. You can’t imagine how he’ll be unmistakably identified as the villain by the time it’s over.

The story is divided into three sections, the story of Cole trying to heal only the first one. Next we track the history of his relationship with his ex Mel from her point of view, and behaviour and tendencies Cole assumed made him (as the title suggests) so loving and caring are revealed as anything but.

In the final third we join Leonora, an artist who’s moved to a cabin near where Cole now lives and works and with whom he explores the tentative beginnings of a relationship.

Like something from a Hitchcock movie, there’s a nefarious plan from the beginning, all of it tied up with two young women moving through the area on a high profile walking tour around the country to raise awareness about issues around womens’ safety.

It’s an incredibly hard book to describe adequately in a review because the story is very much comprised completely of the twists and developments, but it’s been a very long time since I sat up late and read a novel in a single sitting.

If you’re at all interested in how shamefully hostile it is for women to navigate the world today or just love a rollicking read that makes you gasp inwardly at every turn, it’s essential reading.