Juno Temple talks Afternoon Delight

Juno TempleAfter seeing the pixie-voiced Juno Temple in a slew of indie movie roles like the sexually charged sci-fi Kaboom, the grungy comic strip Southern Gothic of Killer Joe and Linda Lovelace’s teenaged best friend in Lovelace, suddenly she pops up as Selina Kyle’s (Anne Hathaway) partner in crime in The Dark Knight Rises.

So is she an indie star, or the dependable support act in increasingly high profile projects? When you meet Juno Temple, the first thing you notice is her native accent, a plummy British lilt.

The second thing is that the woman who once spoke the immortal line ‘Dude, it’s a vagina, not a bowl of spaghetti’ to a man performing cunnilingus on her can be anything to anybody.

The 24 year old sat down to talk about her new movie Afternoon Delight, in which she plays no-nonsense stripper McKenna.

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