Drew talks to Nick de Semlyen about 80s movies and Wild and Crazy Guys!

Wild and Crazy GuysThe features editor of the world’s biggest magazine sits down for a chat

You’d think being Features Editor of the world’s most widely read movie magazine would satisfy any desire to talk to movie stars if you’re an entertainment journalist, but some of the conversations he’d had in the course of his regular gig convinced Nick de Semlyen there was much more to the story of screen comedy in the 1980s.

If you grew up in the era you know all the names and movies. But if you ever wondered why Chevy Chase and Bill Murray – among all the iconic names from the era – never appeared on screen together (they shared credit in 1980s Caddyshack, but never shared a scene), it’s because they once came to blows, as Murray first referred to back in 2012.

The fight backstage at Saturday Night Live was industry lore, but when he got the chance he got the chance to talk to the famously reclusive Murray while covering the Cannes Film Festival one year, de Semlyen was shocked at how candidly the star opened up about the dust-up.

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