India’s Air Pollution Is No Match for This New Low-Speed Electric Vehicle Platform

Green D ZinePopular perceptions of India often paint a picture of a technology-hungry, crowded land where ancient tradition and innovation meet in close quarters – and often seem at odds. But like other nations where large sectors of society are still developing, it’s had an environmental cost: 21 of the 30 cities with the worst air pollution are in India.

Production of electronic vehicles (EVs) has fallen by the wayside in India, but the government is determined to gain ground lost to the US, Europe, and China. By 2030, it wants electric cars to account for 30% of all new car sales, an ambitious goal considering EV sales make up only a few percent today. To help create momentum, India enacted its National Electric Mobility Mission, which includes subsidies for EV sales and production incentives to encourage local EV design and manufacturing.

Bangalore-based Greendzine is determined to be part of this new paradigm. Karthikeyan Sundaram, cofounder and chief technology officer, and Anjan Kumar, cofounder and CEO, are using design modularity to create low-speed electric vehicles faster than anyone else in the industry.

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