Improving Your Bottom Line with Customer Communities

Rock ConcertDrew Turney looks at how launching your own community can bring unexpected benefits and even save you money.

Your customers have always talked about you. Their gossip about you over the telephone was always out of your reach, but it’s much easier in the digital world to hear what they’re saying, and not just because you can read their Twitter feeds, either.

Even while we’re all concerned with privacy, many people are only too happy to broadcast their opinions and knowledge about brands and products to the world – including the companies behind them.

For the longest time, the enterprise world looked on at social media’s hundreds of millions of users with envy and confusion, never quite sure how to put it to use outside of a few sponsored tweets and Facebook ads.

Now, there’s a new frontier opening up when it comes to having a global conversation about products to ensure that it makes a more tangible contribution to your business.

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