How Lucasfilm Sued The Guy Who Made The Stormtrooper Helmets… and Lost

Star Wars

If there’s one thing Lucasfilm has always been known for, it’s creating some of the most iconic stories, characters, and properties in the history of pop culture.

If there’s something else the Star Wars engine has always been known for, it’s lawsuits.

Once Star Wars became a cultural phenomenon and everyone wanted a piece, cease-and-desist letters and writs spewed forth from the company’s Marin County offices like squadrons of TIE Fighters from Death Star launch bays. But one lawsuit the company leveled made it all the way to the United Kingdom Supreme Court.

English prop designer, sculptor, and industrial designer Andrew Ainsworth, now 70, only took on movie work to subsidize his main business in industrial design. “If you commit to the film business you’ve got to play that game and get compromised and used up by production companies,” he told SYFY WIRE. “It’s a nasty business.”

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