How a Hybrid Cloud Enabled a Location-Agnostic Workspace

Cloud ComputingConstant server trouble was the price paid by a boutique consultancy to have everything within arm’s reach, but it was starting to cause more trouble than it was worth.

Designvox was suffering from low productivity because of an increasingly complex server environment and frequent server failures. The 21-year-old, 25-staff strategy, design, and technology consultancy realised it needed centralised file management and access that made it easy to edit and share files faster and more securely from any workstation or device.

“We wanted a solution that got us away from relying on hardware we had to maintain and upgrade every time we ran out of space,” said Designvox systems administrator Jeff Dickinson. “We wanted to avoid buying servers we knew would eventually fail.”

The old environment was a 22TB file server on-site, with 16TB dedicated to storage and 6TB to backup storage. The workday was a constant barrage of server problems, stopping everyone in their tracks while it was restarted or files were restored from backups.

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