Heading for Nowhere

Last Exit to NowhereIf you’re a film geek and have the Internet you know Last Exit To Nowhere, maybe even own some of their apparel. Launched in 2007 by Mike Ford, their collections are a little bit different.

While T shirts with logos, designs and characters from Star Wars, Hello Kitty, The Avengers and all the other giant comic/toy/movie/blockbuster brands are a dime a dozen, who the heck are Lao Che Air Freight, Frog Comics Santa Carla, Camp Crystal Lake, Tyrell Corp, Plainview and Son Oil Corp, Abe Froman and The Paper Street Soap Company?

Ford’s first T shirt designs date back to the early 1990s when his brother Steve – a screen printer who’s now a pivotal part of the company – applied a lot of his designs to T shirts whenever the mood struck. As he one day figured, if he liked wearing T shirts designed with imaginary company names, logos, places and products from film and TV, other people might too.

12 years and countless shirts, hoodies, stickers, caps, mugs, wristbands, tote bags, posters and caps later, and things show no sign of slowing down. Moviehole.net spoke to the founder and director from the company headquarters just outside Nottingham, UK.

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