GQ&A: Seth Rogen

Seth  RogenMost comic actors aren’t as effusive and funny in real life as they appear on screen. Not so Seth Rogen – the curly haired, cherubic actor with a penchant for pot and a laugh (something between an old car starting and a domestic pet trying to bring something up) that’s as distinct as it is infectious.

Yep, Rogen’s funny. And open. He’s relaxed (likely the pot) and yet also considered in what he says (again the pot?), chatting to GQ Australia about his new film Bad Neighbours. Quick fact – in the UK and Australia the title has been changed from its US release as Neighbours, so as not to be confused with the residents of Ramsay St. Though the storyline should be enough to distinguish the two. And there are no sightings of Toady. Or Lou.

Bad Neighbours sees Rogen playing thirtysomething suburban dad, Mac, confronting notions of lost youth when a college fraternity – led by former party boy and a man often allergic to clothing, Zac Efron – moves in next door. The new neighbours make Rogen and onscreen wife, Kelly (Aussie actress Rose Byrne again dipping into her comedy satchel) nervous that the endless partying will keep their toddler awake. Though the pair also engages the new set-up in delivering credibility and alleged parental cool.

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