Ghostbusters: The Ultimate Visual History

Ghostbusters The Ultimate Visual HistoryWhile you can read any number of stories online about how print media is dying, Ghostbusters – The Ultimate Visual History actually represents the future of print publishing, a beautiful object d’art that reminds us of everything that’s great about printed books when so much content these days is disposable.

It’s all about artefacts – not just stills from the movie or behind-the-scenes shots of the making, but very cool props from the canon scattered throughout the pages (in some cases, stuck to them); a copy of a storyboard, concept art, Peter Venkman’s business card, a plastic sheet overlaying a picture of the slime gun from Ghostbusters II with the blueprints and notations.

Even if it only contained such tactile flair, Ghostbusters – The Ultimate Visual History would be cool enough, but the information in the text and photos is incredibly detailed and illuminating even if you’re a hardcore fan.

Interviews with almost all the major players (except for the eternally grouchy Bill Murray and Harold Ramis, whose 2014 death came too soon for him be involved) and plenty of below the line craftspeople lift the lid on how the entire brand name and everything associated with it came together, with gorgeous sketches and photography on every page.

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