Four methods for adding fonts in Adobe Creative Cloud

AdobeIt used to be easy. Your fonts were in a folder somewhere and used activation software (the word ‘suitcase’ meant something quite different to graphic designers than it did to holidaymakers) to activate and deactivate for use fonts with a click.

If you use the Creative Cloud apps today (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and countless others) working with fonts is very different. There are several methods to access and activate fonts, but which is best, and what’s actually happening on your system (and beyond) when you use them?

We’ve spoken to Adobe and we’re here to demystify Adobe Creative Cloud’s font management so you can spend less time figuring out software and more time designing. If you want a quick lesson in using fonts in Photoshop, then we have a separate how to add fonts in Photoshop guide.

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