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If it’s not in science, tech, entertainment or books you’ll find it here. Unlike many of my salaried colleagues on a single beat, one of the pleasures of being a freelancer is that I can write about anything I like (as long as I can get an editor to agree to buy it).

And for someone for whom knowledge only prompts the thirst for more knowledge in more areas, it’s given me the chance to look at how hotdesking is a thing again, the forgotten history of Australia’s pulp fiction market, a couple of fearless South African photographers and their hair-raising images of Great White Sharks on the hunt and the longstanding theory that Batman/Bruce Wayne is obviously gay.

Perth Hills

What prompts an intelligent, business-minded woman to love Llamas? When owner/manager Wendy Fandry found herself in charge of a 30 acre property in the beautiful Perth Hills following her divorce, she had no way of knowing she’d be creating an icon. … Continue readingPerth Hills

The Kimberley

Most of us who live in the city rarely get the chance to see the stars and night sky from a remote desert, let alone do it for a living. Greg Quicke, originally from southern forest country, is one of the lucky ones. He speaks softly, with a calm, unhurried manner that seems to befit life in the far north. … Continue readingThe Kimberley

Western Australia

When the Dutch landed near modern-day Exmouth and Dirk Hartog left a pewter plate commemorating the discovery and calling Australia ‘New Holland’ … Continue readingWestern Australia

The Royal National Park

Another lesser-known beach is North & South Era. Inaccessible by car, you have to walk around the rocks from Garie, well worth the walk just for the scenery. There’s also freshwater swimming available in the Park’s many waterholes. … Continue readingThe Royal National Park


"I went with a longboat and cutter to examine the broken land examined by Captain Cook… immediately round the headland that forms the southern entrance into the bay there is a third branch, which I think the finest piece of water I ever saw.” … Continue readingPittwater

North to Noosa

For a summer holiday combining European Chic and the best of Australia’s climate and relaxed pace, you can’t beat Noosa, one of Australia’s secret treasures in the sun. … Continue readingNorth to Noosa