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If it’s not in science, tech, entertainment or books you’ll find it here. Unlike many of my salaried colleagues on a single beat, one of the pleasures of being a freelancer is that I can write about anything I like (as long as I can get an editor to agree to buy it).

And for someone for whom knowledge only prompts the thirst for more knowledge in more areas, it’s given me the chance to look at how hotdesking is a thing again, the forgotten history of Australia’s pulp fiction market, a couple of fearless South African photographers and their hair-raising images of Great White Sharks on the hunt and the longstanding theory that Batman/Bruce Wayne is obviously gay.

Flying Fish

Their expertise has resulted in Apex Images’ website (, which received 80-100,000 hits per month and provides not just sales information for tours but one of the most informed datasets on Great Whites and other local sharks in the world thanks to such close study. … Continue readingFlying Fish

Dave Hughes

Before I even opened my mouth the whole audience was chanting ‘Fuck off Aussie fuck off’. That was a hard night to get through. … Continue readingDave Hughes

The Web 2.0

You might have heard it called the democratisation of the web, a brave new world of information or the geek-friendly term, Web 2.0. What they all essentially describe is that in this new world, the audience is the producer. … Continue readingThe Web 2.0

The Future is Now

Some of the biggest electronics manufacturers in the world are betting a fortune that they do, and they need guinea pigs — are you up for it? … Continue readingThe Future is Now

Child’s Play

Try telling your daughter she’s not leaving the house dressed like that and see how successful you are — she’ll stuff the outfit in her bag and change when she gets there. … Continue readingChild’s Play

Million Dollar Homepage

The Million Dollar Homepage is one of those beautifully simple ideas you want to kick yourself for not thinking of first — especially when it’s actually worth a million dollars. … Continue readingMillion Dollar Homepage

Testing the water

Science fiction stories routinely depict wars over water rather than oil. Water is going to be one of the killer apps of the twenty first century, and providing it to increasing numbers of people is going to be one of the most important challenges in history. … Continue readingTesting the water

The People’s Network

There’s something else to consider here; in one way, mobile phones and the Internet are just other media like TV, cinema or a newspaper; the only differences are the interactivity and ability of anyone to be a broadcaster or publisher. … Continue readingThe People’s Network

An Out of Home Experience

But the last decade has seen the media transformed more so than in the entire 20th century put together. Once upon a time newspapers changed the world, then cinema, radio and TV respectively. … Continue readingAn Out of Home Experience