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If it’s not in science, tech, entertainment or books you’ll find it here. Unlike many of my salaried colleagues on a single beat, one of the pleasures of being a freelancer is that I can write about anything I like (as long as I can get an editor to agree to buy it).

And for someone for whom knowledge only prompts the thirst for more knowledge in more areas, it’s given me the chance to look at how hotdesking is a thing again, the forgotten history of Australia’s pulp fiction market, a couple of fearless South African photographers and their hair-raising images of Great White Sharks on the hunt and the longstanding theory that Batman/Bruce Wayne is obviously gay.

The Great Debate

A new generation’s rising, one who don’t like what they see. The clique of tech-enabled riot grrls have grown up with the world their mothers fought for — one where they could do anything. But while the doors of academia, politics and the workplace are now wide open for them, all isn’t well. … Continue readingThe Great Debate


Take the term ‘bling’ and reverse it. Big and shiny is out, muted and understated is in. Bling’s ideologically masculine, aggressive stance is making way for unobtrusive, calm androgyny. No more high-top sneakers, diamantes on handbags or huge jacket slogans. … Continue readingBlang

Outsourcing Fleet Support

It was the age of core competencies, when you looked at what you were good at, concentrated as small a number of resources as feasible on it, and paid someone else to do the rest rather than maintain a huge, expensive workforce that did a little of everything. … Continue readingOutsourcing Fleet Support

Training Day

The second thing to look for is people who’ve been there. Almost all the training providers Desktop spoke to for this article assured us their lecturers and teachers have industry experience, so the fact that it seems to be standard is be a good thing. … Continue readingTraining Day

Meanwhile, Back at the House

The hottest clubs on the UK is indeed where it’s taking off again, together with those across Europe and North America — the places dance music trends for the coming party year are etched in stone. … Continue readingMeanwhile, Back at the House

Playing the Green Card

92% of Australians favour measures to combat global warming, making it the country with the largest majority of its population believing immediate action should be taken to reverse climate change. … Continue readingPlaying the Green Card

A Perfect Storm

There’s no limit to the lengths storm chasers will go to for a great photo. Some seem to attack the task like an episode of MTV stunt show Jackass, but the wider storm-chasing community mostly dismisses them. … Continue readingA Perfect Storm

Warwick Saint

"In the 80s, before Photoshop.” he continues, outlining the creative challenge facing artists who — in his words — want to be remembered, "you could probably have a few techniques to build your career on. … Continue readingWarwick Saint

Sarita Stella

"You have to act like you’re sexy when you’re in front of the camera and I’m just not that person at all so I’m a very good actress.” … Continue readingSarita Stella