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If it’s not in science, tech, entertainment or books you’ll find it here. Unlike many of my salaried colleagues on a single beat, one of the pleasures of being a freelancer is that I can write about anything I like (as long as I can get an editor to agree to buy it).

And for someone for whom knowledge only prompts the thirst for more knowledge in more areas, it’s given me the chance to look at how hotdesking is a thing again, the forgotten history of Australia’s pulp fiction market, a couple of fearless South African photographers and their hair-raising images of Great White Sharks on the hunt and the longstanding theory that Batman/Bruce Wayne is obviously gay.

Making connections

I Wish I Was Lonely had a rave review in TimeOut London, and Thorpe sounds as surprised as he is pleased that he and Walker are coming Perth to perform the show, but no matter how far they travel it remains all about connecting with people – genuinely rather than ironically, given the subject mater. … Continue readingMaking connections

It’s Cool To Hack

Described by PIAF as Australia’s first ‘art hack’, participating entrants have 24 hours to create a digitally interactive artwork. Whether an app, website, robotics or a projected presentation, if it’s interactive and it’s art, it will find a place in Hack The Festival. … Continue readingIt’s Cool To Hack

Why We Plateau

The weight loss plateau is nature’s way of telling you you’ve lost all the weight you’re going to lose with your current diet or exercise regime. That’s your signal to go to the next phase and ramp things up. … Continue readingWhy We Plateau

Apps To Keep Your Resolutions On Track

Long the subject of late January guilt and remorse as one New Years’ resolution after another falls by the wayside, our yearly promises to ourselves might get a new lease of life as our smartphones and PCs keep us on the straight and narrow. … Continue readingApps To Keep Your Resolutions On Track

Unique Celebrity Workouts

They know what’s trendy and on the radar, they’re always ahead of the curve, and if need be, money is no object. Best of all, just look at the results. Take a leaf out of the books of these celebrity fitness enthusiasts and you might put yourself on the fast track to an A list body. … Continue readingUnique Celebrity Workouts

The Global Local

We’re not causing this, the Internet is. Do you really think you deserve a secure 20-year career in data entry? I’d suggest you go back to school! … Continue readingThe Global Local

Wanted: The Aussie Larrikin

“The larrikin is never far away from the way Australians think about themselves,” says Macquarie’s Anthony Lambert. “You might also argue we’re so distant from such images – in the cities at least – we can laugh at them as lesser forms of ourselves. I have a feeling it’s a little of both.” … Continue readingWanted: The Aussie Larrikin

Spirits on the Rocks

Australia has a comparatively smaller academic community, much of whose resources are geared towards business and industry. After reading records and calling several university faculties around the country and particularly in Sydney itself, it appears there’s never been a detailed study of haunted sites in The Rocks by scientists. … Continue readingSpirits on the Rocks