Developing Mobile-First For a Better Customer Experience

iPhoneThe new paradigm of user and customer experiences is to look at the simplest, smallest, and lowest powered platforms first, and those who are doing so are reaping the benefits of expanded markets and simpler tools.

Mobile-first is a customer interaction methodology and a development and software paradigm all at once. It’s both an overarching business strategy and a set of very different principles from one industry and company to the next. And as an SMB, it might be the best chance you have to compete on a wide stage.

The general idea is that when considering how customers, users, and stakeholders will interact with you online, you assume they’re doing so from a mobile device more often, and in greater numbers, than sitting at a desk in front of a PC using a mainstream web browser.

But before digging into what mobile-first is or how to do it, it’s more important to understand why you need it.

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