Creating a Key For Every Door

PrivacyHow close are we to having one password for all of our online services instead of having to remember dozens?

You have a log-in for Facebook, for online banking, for Twitter, for Gmail and still more for every service, website or app you use. If you’re vigilant, you’ll have a strong, separate password for each one, but if you’re like most people, then you’ll have the same one for almost everything, or make simple alterations for each site that are easy to guess.

Steve Kirsch, CEO of identity provider OneID, thinks we’re sick of it. “Many users are identifying this as the number one problem they have using the internet.”

An alternative is to have a single online identity, a software or policy tool that gives you one point of entry for everything you log in to online. It sounds handy, but the risks and challenges are enormous. Who do you trust with all of your important online credentials, for example? And how does a single tool or service get access to the myriad application programming interfaces (APIs) that it needs to act on your behalf?

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