Does Superman Help Explain the Experience of Autism?

SupermanWhile critics and audiences railed at Superman’s reckless disregard for the thousands of innocents killed in the wreckage of Metropolis in Man Of Steel last summer, there was another aspect of his character that was far less discussed.

In an early flashback sequence, the young Clark Kent is trying to concentrate in school, but the world around him is overwhemling. Clark can hear the sounds of the flag ruffling outside and the heartbeats of his classmates. He can see through everything, including the rooms nearby through the walls, the organs of his classmates as they work and the bones in his own hand.

He’s under assault, unable to shut the deluge of over-stimulation out, running out of the classroom to lock himself in a closet and fending his teacher off by heating up the doorknob with his eye-lasers when she tries to enter.

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